Neograft Hair Transplant

Neograft® Naples Florida

Neograft® can restore your hair loss effectively without Stitches, Scalpels, or Linear Donor Scars.  Neograft® is a great tool for FUE hair restoration surgery in Naples and Fort Myers if you choose the right doctor.  Learn how to avoid inexperienced Doctors to avoid a poor hair transplant result.


  • FDA Approved FUE Hair Restoration Technology.
  •  Neograft® FUE hair transplant will not cause ugly scars on the back of your head.
  • Our Hair Restoration Team has over 15 years of Experience.
  • Our Technicians are Certified in Neograft® and ARTAS® Hair Restoration.


Neograft® is Less Painful than Traditional Hair Transplants


  • Less Donor area Trauma means Less Pain after surgery.
  • No Sutures Required with this New FUE Procedure.
  • Smaller Recipient sites compared to Scalpel procedures.
  • Call 407-968-8836 to Save 1500 on Hair Restoration in July.


Less Downtime and Faster Healing with Our Procedures

  • You can return to work within a few days of our procedure.
  • No bandages or crazy activity restrictions.
  • Shampoo the day after your procedure.


Our Procedure is More Affordable than other Hair Transplant Options in Naples


  • Hair Restoration Clinics in Naples/Fort Myers do not have Full Time Technicians.
  • Hair Restoration is not new to us.
  • Our Doctors specialize in FUE Hair Loss Treatments.
  • Neograft Cost starts at 5400.00


Why is there a sudden rush of Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists in Naples, Fl. adding hair transplant surgery to their clinics ?  They do not have the experienced technicians to perform these highly skilled procedures.  They must fly in technicians from other states.  This means that they must charge you more for Neograft® hair restoration.

It takes years to perfect a cosmetic procedure.  Does it make sense to go to a doctor who just started treating hair loss ?  Everyone has to start somewhere, but do you want these doctors to learn how to do hair transplants on you ?

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